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Dojindo has developed the WST method

WST (water-soluble Tetrazolium) was developed by the DOJINDO Laboratories in 1990s and is now used worldwide as one of the methods for cell proliferation assay. The CCK (Cell Counting Kit) and the CCK-8 (Cell Counting Kit-8) with improved sensitivity, which were commercialized using the WST method, are original products for which more than 5,000 papers have been published worldwide.


About Dojindo Laboratories

Dojindo Laboratories was founded by Dr. Keihei Ueno, a well-known researcher in chelating chemistry. Dojindo Laboratories was the first Japanese company to commercialize EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) in 1951. Since then, Dojindo Laboratories has been producing reagents to support the progress of scientific research. Dojindo Laboratories’ mission is to develop innovative tools for life science research. Dojindo Laboratories strives to contribute to the improvement of quality of life through scientific findings and the development of new medicines.


Global Business Development

Since the latter half of the 1970's, DOJINDO Laboratories have been at the forefront of technological innovations and developed a number of analytical reagents to help in the progress of scientific and technological research. Today, these products are widely used by many state-of-the-art research organizations, such as universities, medical institutions, research institutes, factories and so forth.


In order to bring Doijndo’s high quality reagents in worldwide research market, we have been developing global business. Dojindo Molecular Technologies, Inc. (DMT) was established in the U.S. as a subsidiary of Dojindo Laboratories in 1996. DMT is located that is close to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2001, we opened DOJINDO LABORATORIES EUROPE OFFICE in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2008, we relocated our Europe office to Munich. We also established the Shanghai office in 2003 and the Beijing office in 2008, to advance our technical assistance and marketing in China. We will continue to contribute worldwide research market through innovative products and high-quality services.



Stable Supply of High-Quality Reagents

With the full cooperation of each section, our manufacturing network produces over 600 standard products simultaneously with the development of new products. Needless to say, all these products are must to meet high quality standards. Our state-of-the-art facilities and technological process enable us to provide a stable supply to customers.

We Are Accredited ISO 9001.

With an internationally standard for quality management system ISO 9001, we never compromise on producing the world's highest quality products.


Research and Development

This is the front section to develop new reagents. In addition to the unique research conducted by Dojindo staff, we have been focusing on joint research and development with other research organizations.


Quality Assurance

Reagents especially are required to meet higher quality standards than other products. On every lot from raw materials to completed products, we have set much higher in-house quality standards than JIS standards.



Our recognized technology and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to produce a wide varieties of reagents.
This is a very important section for a reagent manufacturer.



Our automatic measurement system is capable of calculating the weight of products so precisely, in milligram to kilogram, to ensure the smooth delivery of products.



We appropriately maintain and control sufficient stock in our stock rooms. We check precisely the appropriate ambient temperature and the shelf life of each reagent to maintain the quality of our products.




DOJINDO Laboratories(Kumamoto:The head office)

Tabaru 2025-5, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun,
Kumamoto 861-2202, Japan
Phone:+81-96-286-1515 Fax:+81-96-286-1525


DOJIN EAST(Tokyo:Service office)

Asakawa Bldg. 7th Floor, Shibadaimon 2-1-17, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0012, Japan
Phone:+81-3-3578-9651 Fax:+81-3-3578-9650

Innovative Research Center(Kanagawa:Service office)

Life Innovation Center 218
Tonomachi 3-25-22, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
Kanagawa 210-0821, Japan
Phone:+44-201-7590 Fax:+44-201-7591


Dojindo China Co., Ltd. (Shanghai:Subsidiary)

Telephone: +86-21-6427-2302  Telefax: +86-21-6486-5302
URL:www.dojindo.cn   e-mail: info@dojindo.cn

Dojindo Beijing Co., Ltd. (Beijing:Subsidiary)

北京市朝陽区徳外馬甸裕民路12 号 元辰大厦E1-210 号
Telephone: +86-10-82251765  Telefax: +86-10-82251752


Dojindo Molecular Technologies,Inc.(Subsidiary)

30 W Gude Dr, Suite 260, Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone: +1-301-987-2667  Telefax: +1-301-987-2687


Dojindo EU GmbH Europe (Germany:Subsidiary)

Leopoldstr.254, 80807 Munich 
Telephone: +49-89-3540-4805 Telefax: +49-89-3540-4806
URL: www.dojindo.eu.com

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